partial view of site specific installation Wyly Art Center, July 2014

Materials and content are at the heart of what inspires and guides my work and making process. My drive to investigate materials enhances my ability to express my ideas fully. Sculpture, functional tableware, encaustic painting and digital media are where my passions lay. Whether it is a cup, a sculpture or an installation, all demand the same attention to detail and process.
I use familiar iconography to convey my story; a house, a bird, a tree, some thread, a cup, a pillow, a branch or a button from my grandmother's collection. I narrate situations and conditions through compositions that address emotions and predicaments. Some are calm and easy and some not as gentle. I illustrate the delicate nature of life itself, the precious and challenging moments that are forever changing and fleeting. My inquisition explores balance and off balance which draws upon memory.